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Entertainment Lineup


Friday April 5th– Inside 930-130 George Brothers
Saturday April 6th– Inside 930-130- Stomp Rockets

Friday April 12th– Inside 930-130- Under The Covers
Saturday April 13th– Inside 930-130- Paper Covers Rock

Friday April 19th– Inside 930-13- Blind Justice
Saturday April 20th– Blaine Fowler Experience
Sunday April 21st– Easter

Friday April 26th– Moxie Blitz
Saturday April 27th– Mainstream Drive


Friday May 3rd– Inside 930-130- Under the Covers
Saturday May 4th– Inside 930-130- Metro Rockway

Friday may 10th– Inside 930-130- Elvis to the Max
Saturday May 11th– Inside 930-130- George Brothers
Sunday May 12th– Mothers Day

Monday May 13th– Tiki 6-10- Dan Tillery
Tuesday May 14th– Tiki 6-10- Jody Raffoul
Wednesday May 15th– Tiki 6-10- Motor City Josh With Todd Glass and Greast Carlisi
Thursday May 16th– Tiki 6-10- George Brothers
Friday May 17th- Tiki 6-12- DJ Mecca, Inside 930-130- Mainstream Drive
Saturday May 18th–  Tiki 4-8- Island Guys, Tiki 8-12- DJ Marky G
Inside 930-130- Bugs Beddow
Sunday May 19th– Tiki 3-7- Rodney and Tiffany

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